Great coffee doesn’t happen by accident.

It has to be thought out from beginning to end, and our Master Roaster Shawn Hamilton has been pouring his heart into crafting each of our unique roasts for over 25 years. From farm to cup, his experience and expertise contribute to creating our uncommonly smooth coffees.


To start, Shawn hand-selects each of our sourcing partners. He ensures that our green coffee beans come from only the most distinctive and meticulously maintained coffee farms. All green coffee has singular attributes that contribute to each flavor profile, which is why a thorough evaluation of the source is so important. We only partner with farmers who are as committed to exceptional coffee as we are.

We only partner with farmers who are as committed to exceptional coffee as we are.


Once a farm is selected, Shawn test roasts a sample of the green beans and takes them through the cupping process. He determines exactly what roast level the coffee can handle without becoming under or overdeveloped, thereby achieving the best taste and flavor balance. When the roast profile is finalized, the beans are carefully roasted using authentic Italian brick-lined roasters that provide radiant heat, allowing a slower, longer roast. Slow roasting locks in the coffee’s natural flavors and aromas.

After the coffee has reached its optimal roast time, it needs to be cooled down. We prefer the process of air cooling by releasing the beans into cooling trays where air moves through them to cool them down gently and naturally. Quality has always been our top priority and although air cooling is a longer process, it creates the freshest and most flavorful cup of coffee.

Throughout our roasting process, we also take care to ensure we practice responsible roasting by recycling, reusing and repurposing as much as possible. We donate thousands of green coffee burlap bags to our community zoo for animal bedding and to local schools for class projects. We donate our coffee chaff (the skin that comes off the coffee during roasting to local farms for feed and mulch. We also donate roasted coffee to local nonprofits that focus on caring for and feeding our underserved community members.

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We’re dedicated to offering you both better options and the best coffee you can find, whether you purchase by the cup, in one of our partner cafés, or brew on your own.