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Coffee Javalanche®

An avalanche of flavor that melds cool, creamy, vanilla with the pure, unadulterated flavor of Java City coffee. Beat the heat with this insane treat. 

Mocha Javalanche®

A chocolate avalanche, it blends creamy sweet chocolate with coffee. A chocolate reprieve from the daily grind that will relieve the woes of any urban warrior. 

White Mocha Javalanche®

A sweeter, lighter side of chocolate, this drink will take you to a frosty, icy-creamy sea of milk and chocolate.

Caramel Javalanche®

Whirled cold and creamy, the familiar flavor of caramel takes you back to afternoons in the park and visits to Grandma's house.

Mint Javalanche®

Strictly a sophisticated affair, with mint and chocolate, à la after dinner chocolate, this cooling concoction is only seen with the urbane characters.

Chai Javalanche®

Our most exotic flavor will whisk your taste buds off to experience the mysteries of Calcutta and savor a creamy blend of black tea, cardamom, ginger, clove, with hints of vanilla. 

Vanilla Cream Javalanche®

It's a whiteout of vanilla flavor that will leave your taste buds blinded. A chilling way to quench your thirst.

Fruit Smoothies

The most delish way to eat your 5-a-day. These frosty treats blend real fruit with intriguing vanilla and ice for a healthy decadence.

All Coffee Javalanche® beverages are also available in decaf.

Complete menu available only at participating cafés.

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