Java City Hand Roasted Coffees of Distinction
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Java City was founded in 1985 by three passionate settlers in a small brick building on the corner of 18th & Capitol in Sacramento. These original Javanistas wanted to bring a world of specialty coffees to what was then a barren sea of homogeneous mass-marketed coffee-like substances. The founders built this City on a simple principle: find the best coffees on earth and slowly roast them to perfection.

As the smell of the freshly roasted coffee slowly spread from that original building, denizens started migrating from far and wide. They gathered in that hallowed storefront to talk and imbibe in the rich and complex coffees while the majestic aroma of the roasters engulfed them. Soon, Java City became a thriving metropolis of taste, attracting people from around Northern California and the country. 

Today, you can also enjoy a moment in the City in hundreds of locations across the country, the globe, and buy their hand roasted fresh coffee over the internet. While the metropolis has certainly grown, we haven't compromised on our methods, nor changed the profiles of our roasts. We still slowly roast each bag of coffee by hand, and then air cool the beans ensuring that they lock in the aroma and flavors for the perfect cup.

Isn’t it time you moved to the City? 

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